Palin: "I've Got Nothing To Lose" In Attacking Obama

Palin: "I've Got Nothing To Lose" In Attacking Obama

In an interview with conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin explained her reasoning in going on the attack against Barack Obama. Asked why she was more "forceful" than her running mate, she said: "Rush, I've got nothing to lose in this and I think America's got everything to gain by understanding the differences, the contrasts here between Obama and McCain."


Palin also argued that the media wants her to "sit down and shut up," before making an unprompted assault on Obama and ACORN.

Limbaugh: "The media is covering up for him. That is why there's so much admiration for you. The New York Times said you were a great speaker....your forcefulness and your opinions are driving away moderates. This is just an attempt to get you to stop."

Palin: "Well, yes, I guess that message is they do want me to sit down and shut up, but that's not gonna happen. I care too much about this great country. ... Speaking of some of those associations...lets talk quickly about ACORN and the unconscionable situation that we are facing right now with voter fraud, given the ties between Obama and ACORN and the money his campaign has sent them...Obama has a responsibility to reign in ACORN and prove that he is willing to fight voter fraud....for shame if the mainstream media were to cover this one up."

Asked if she had a political career beyond this election, Palin said, "That's a good question. No, because I am thinking about November 4th, and I am just so absolutely passionate about the job that we have in front of us from now to November 4th."

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