Palin Supports Corsi: District 9 Is a Documentary

Jerome Corsi (author of NY Times bestseller's The Obama Nation, Unfit for Command and the lesser known Kucinich: Satanic Vegan Fetus Molester) recently gave the former Alaskan governess a glimpse of his latest magnum opus revealing that the sleeper hit of the summer is not merely a Hollywood rags-to-riches blockbuster but actual live footage.

In it he ties the Obama Administration to the Prawns and lays out the president's diabolical plans to transport them from their Johannesburg tent ghettos to brand spanking new little neo-Hooverville/Slumdog USA shantytowns that have been popping up all around the continental United States. Once adequately settled in and properly provided with specially subsidized cat-food stamps he alleges they will immediately be given green cards and made to serve as abortion technicians, death panelists and journalists for the non-yellow, fact-checking, reality-based, lefty, liberal mainstream media.


Worst of all their advanced weapon caches will be destroyed in an ongoing effort to leave us defenseless and ensure our surrender to a future Muslim theocracy run out of Iran and forcing good, decent, hard-working American citizens to follow the heathen laws of Sharia (forever clothing our supermodels, ending the era of the pulled pork sandwich and consequently bankrupting the Gilette corporation in the process).

An indignant Palin immediately released a series of searing Facebook status updates denouncing the impending alien immigrant infestation as "icky" and "un-American," and questioning why such respected institutional publications such as The New York Times and The Washington Post were so quick to give the "film" such stellar reviews (while she doesn't actually read the papers she does check Metacritic). Soon after she tweeted she was feeling "crankums" and hoped Todd would get home already to watch Trig so she could relax by field-dressing a moose (that she had recently sportingly shot down with a semi-automatic from an Apache helicopter), splurge on a long overdue mani-pedi and continue her never-ending preparations to ready the family's fall-out shelter for the impending Apocalypse (a little insurance--just in case the good Lord judges them unfit during the Rapture in Alaska and they are forced to live amongst the outcast).

Liz Cheney, Sen. Charles Grassley and Sen.Tom Coburn also refused to contest Corsi's allegations when appearing most recently on Lou Dobbs Tonight (where the host beat Glenn Beck's crying jag world record by intermittingly wailing and sobbing throughout the live broadcast concerning the alleged alien alien invasion). Coburn (supporter of recent Birther legislation) also announced he is rallying the GOP to support a bill that will "keep those born and/or evolved outside of this galaxy outside our great nation".