Palin Flip Flops On Stimulus In Face Of Anger

Palin Flip Flops On Stimulus In Face Of Anger

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin faced bipartisan criticism and an angry protest back home after deciding to reject federal stimulus funds. That might be why her Lieutenant Governor is now saying she didn't decide anything.

Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell showed up to deliver Palin's message - that she's not necessarily "rejecting" the money, but wants a public debate on how it's spent and whether it would cost the state in the long run.

Among the questions: Is the governor's team trying to have it both ways - saying "no" to the money while leaving the door open to spending it?

DNC spokesman Hari Sevugan comments: "We know when Governor Palin says "thanks but no thanks" she doesn't always mean it. We hope that's the case here, and she's changed her mind about denying the people of Alaska of half a billion dollars in recovery finds that could create thousands of jobs and help turn the economy around. But given her history on the subject, we're not hopeful."

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