Palin To Break Silence On McCain Aide Attacks In Fox News Interview

Sarah Palin has kept something of a low profile since the election. While former advisers to the GOP campaign leak dirt about her to the press, her only comment so far has been a refusal to comment. But she's ready to break her silence. From a Fox News press release:

FOX News Channel's Greta Van Susteren will present the first extensive post-election sitdown interview with Governor Sarah Palin during On The Record on Monday November 10th at 10PM ET.

Van Susteren will conduct the taped interview in Wasilla, Alaska and present Monday night's show live from that location. The whole hour will be devoted to Palin who will speak with Van Susteren about accusations by McCain staffers of dissent within the campaign, the outcome of the election, and her future role in the Republican Party amongst other topics.

For a sense of what to expect, here are highlights from Van Susteren's interview with Palin's husband Todd:

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