Palin's Brother: Sarah Fed Up With "Non-Stop Negative Media Blitz" (VIDEO)

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's brother called into Fox News and said he was surprised by her shocking announcement that she will resign the governorship, and he believes that at least part of her decision stems from a "non-stop negative media blitz" that was consuming her and her staff's time.

I can tell you what I believe after a few conversations with Sarah on the subject. Two months ago, we were at a local ski resort talking in a hotel room and she reiterated to me the amount of time she was spending defending herself from these ethics complaints, by the way have all been thrown out, and this non-stop negative media blitz. She said she was spending up to 80% of her time, and a lot of her key staff was doing the same, defending themselves when they should be focusing on state issues. And it's not fair to the state and it's not fair to her family. I think this has weighed on her for a long time.