Palin's Enemies List: Alaskan Bloggers

Apparently "Real Alaskans" aren't allowed near an "author" who once asked a librarian if she'd ban books. Oh, the irony...or is it ion-ry...either way, Alaska bloggers such as myself have been Palibanned from book signings.
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"Call me, STAT! This is Dennis"

Well, that's one way to find out you are on Sarah Palin's enemies list. Yesterday morning, while working on my Shanta Claus projects and prepping for my television show, Dennis Zaki called. He and Jesse Gryphen of the Immoral Minority, had driven to Sarah Palin's Wasilla book signing. Why? Well, it's like storm chasers in Nebraska...only they're train-wreck chasers. Me? Well, I'm busy these days and have had Palin fatigue since before most people have even heard of her.

Don't get me wrong...Thanks Sarah! It's just that I really wasn't interested. Two weeks ago, I had press privileges at her book signing at Elmendorf AFB that was closed to the public. On that day, I was busy figuring out if my hair was oily, normal or dry. Truth be told, I'm just not that into her.

Dennis and I have been friends since the Corrupt Bastards Club Trials. He's one of my favorite Hardy Boys. I met Gryph last year; we fight about half the time...the rest we spend laughing. I'll ask Sarah Palin to sign my copy of Going Rogue after it wins the National Book Award for best's richly deserving. Besides, I'm having the "Under the Bus" folks sign it instead; John Bitney, Anne Kilkenny, Andrew Halcro, Lyda Green, Walt Monegan, Trooper Wooten, etc. It's just more honest.

Gryphen and Zaki were booted from the event. My name was on the list to boot if I showed. There's a fourth unknown and unwelcomed guest..who could it be? My guess? Jeanne Devon. Oh, yeah, fellas...the troops are fighting for Palin's right to ban us from a public event!

When the Anchorage Daily News reported on the "Homecoming" event for Palin with the "flocking" of 750 people to the "public" event at the publicly funded Curtis D. Menard Memorial Sports Center with the publicly funded Wasilla Police Officers working security, they made a tiny mention of the bumped bloggers. Nearly 2,000 people showed up for an indoor football game earlier this year at the same complex. Twice as many citizens of Wasilla have become members of the Mat Su Valley Sportsman's Association as showed up for Sarah Palin's glorious homecoming. In "Real America" Palin attracted thousands of teabaggers. In "Real Alaska," the tea bagger capitol and Palin's hometown, there were more people shopping at Wal*Mart.

The ADN also failed to mention that H1N1 virus vaccines were also being administered at the same time as the book signing. Good Lord, if only there were a vaccine for Palin's word salad.

Whoopie Flippin' Doooo! Hell of a homecoming, did she get another crown?

You could find out what Alaskans really think of Sarah coming home judging by the comments on the Anchorage Daily News website...Oh wait...the ADN decided to ban public comments on the article.

Dennis Zaki, Linda Kellen-Biegel, Jeanne Devon and myself all passed the White House Security checks to attend the "closed to the public"troops only speech by President Obama a few weeks ago. The only threat to Sarah Palin by the Alaska Bloggers is the truth. Yes, it's scary.

I guess "Real Alaskans" aren't allowed near an "author" who once asked a librarian if she'd ban books. Oh, the irony...or is it ion-ry...either way, I've been Palibanned!

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