Palin's Hair Shocks Oprah: "What Did You Do?!" (VIDEO)

Palin's Hair Shocks Oprah: "What Did You Do To Your Hair?" (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin was a special guest on Oprah's 'Fridays Live,' where her hairstyle caught the talk show queen completely off-guard. Oprah was in the middle of her introduction when the FOX News contributor appeared via satellite wearing tightly coiled curls. "Look at your hair!" Oprah blurted out, before finishing her introduction.

"What did you do to your hair?" the normally unflappable Oprah finally asked.

"Do you like it?," Palin replied. "I tried to look like you."

"Yes, I'm not used to you having that many curls," said Oprah. "It's kind of cute, but I was just surprised to see you pop up there with the curls. Great. What's the weather like in Wasilla today?


In the second segment, Palin was joined by her daughter Bristol to discuss teen pregnancy and abstinence (watch her defend her decision to not have sex again until she's married here). But Oprah still couldn't get over the hair. As the interview was winding down she said, "It's 9 in the morning here which means it's three hours earlier there...we were just talking about whoever curled your hair this morning had to get up at 3 in the morning."

"No," Palin replied, shaking her head. "We always get up at 3 in the morning to look just like this," she said sassily, to uncomfortable laughter.

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