Palin's Lawyer: Resignation Was An Act Of "Self-Sacrifice" (VIDEO)

Andrea Mitchell spoke to Sarah Palin's lawyer, Thomas Van Flein, Monday about the Alaska Governor's surprise resignation. Van Flein insisted that no scandal instigated the move, and that Palin had already done more in two years than most governors do in eight. Her decision to resign, he explained, was a "self-sacrifice" to save the state from all the frivolous ethics complaints against her.

"Well, I don't think she's upset," he said, when asked about Palin's defensive goodbye speech. "She's actually very articulate. I didn't find her speech rambling at all. She laid out exactly the reasons she had for stepping down and it was really a form of self-sacrifice. She has become the issue. The state of Alaska has been spending money on public records requests, defending or investigating ethics acts with the personnel board, and she had done what she set out to do."

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