Palin's Trip To Ireland? A 'Shannon Stopover'

Palin's Trip To Ireland? A 'Shannon Stopover'

At some point, one has to expect that we will finally come to know all there is to know about Sarah Palin. But until that day comes, here's another tidbit, courtesy John Aravosis. See, back when Palin was announced as McCain's Veep, inquiring minds wanted to know: had she ever traveled abroad? Her spokeswoman told Politico's Ben Smith that she had been to Germany, Kuwait, and Ireland.

Two words to describe that visit to Ireland I think.



*For US readers the Shannon Stopover refers to planes landing at Shannon Airport to refuel when on their way to and from parts of Europe/Middle East. Shannon Airport sees many US Military and contractor flights arrive there each month for refueling -- passengers get off the plane for a while and then get back on again. Hardly a visit to Ireland?

Well, give it up to the international blogosphere, folks, because as it turns out, Byrne was absolutely correct. Ben Smith, today:

The Ireland trip was a refueling stop on her trip to military installations in Germany and Kuwait, spokeswoman Maria Comella said.

Do you need anything from duty-free, America?

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