Comedian Caroline Reid Discusses Pam Ann, Her Alter Ego, On HuffPost Live

Comedian Caroline Reid stopped by HuffPost Live yesterday to discuss her infamous alter ego Pam Ann and how she developed the character while living in Australia.

Reid told HuffPost Live that Pam Ann was largely influenced by hanging out with drag queens, as well as feedback from friends at parties.

“Well [drag queens are] my inspiration. I say that I went to the school of drag… because they taught me everything I know… they taught me how to enter a stage.”

Never seen Reid's alter ego Pam Ann before? The hilarious -- and totally offensive -- character is intended to parody the nuances of traveling by airplane and the life of a jet-setting airline stewardess. Check out the video below to learn more and watch the clip above to hear Reid discussing the development of the character.

Want to see Pam Ann live (which is where she TRULY shines)? Check out upcoming tour dates here.