Pamela Anderson Ad Banned: Crazy Domains Commercial Deemed 'Sexist And Degrading To Women'

Sex might sell -- but using that tactic too heavily could also get you into trouble.

A commercial featuring Pamela Anderson has been banned in Britain for being "sexist and degrading to women."

The ad, originally broadcast in 2010 to promote the web company Crazy Domains in Australia, shows Anderson and another woman cavorting in bikinis while being drenched in a creamy substance.

The commercial was recently brought to the UK, where it was only allowed to air after 9pm. However, the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received a number of complaints about the clip and banned it on June 5:

"We considered it gave the impression that he viewed his female colleagues as sexual objects to be lusted after. Because of that, we considered the ad was likely to cause serious offence to some viewers."

The Herald Sun reports that the ad was banned in Australia in 2010 after the country's Advertising Standards Board decided the bikini sequence was sexist, exploitative and had "no relevance to the product."

CrazyDomains isn't the only domain-name company that has made the news for... suggestive advertising campaigns. American company Go Daddy is notorious for its racy commercials, like the charming 2012 ad that showed women covering a model in body paint to turn her into a walking billboard.

And this wasn't the first time a Pamela Anderson ad sparked controversy. In 2010, Montreal city officials banned a PETA ad showing Anderson marked up as different pieces of meat.


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