Pam Anderson Tweets About Paris Riots, And The World Takes Notice

She said income inequality was a key reason for Saturday's unrest.

Actress Pamela Anderson is speaking out about Saturday’s riots in Paris, and she is firmly in the camp of the protesters.

Police said 133 people were injured during the violence, carried out by safety-vest-wearing protesters — called the yellow jackets — upset over the rising cost of living in France.

On Monday, Anderson ruminated on the causes of the violence in a series of tweets.

Anderson is one of the few non-French celebrities who have commented on the riots. She is currently on the country’s version of “Dancing With the Stars and has been in a relationship with Marseille soccer player Adil Rami, according to Bloomberg.

Since many people think of Anderson from her days on “Baywatch,” her comments took some people by surprise.

Some had positive reactions.

Others weren’t as impressed.

At least one person was most angry that people were surprised that Anderson was capable of a coherent political thread.

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