Pamela Anderson Unpaid Taxes: Actress Owes More Than $350,000 In Unpaid Taxes

Pamela Anderson Owes More Than $350,000 In Unpaid Taxes

Pamela Anderson is the lastest in a string of celebrities to find herself in trouble with the IRS.

The former "Baywatch" actress was hit with two tax liens totaling $371,514.65, reports TMZ.

According to the website, the 45-year-old owes the IRS $259,395.75 for unpaid taxes in 2011, and she also owes the State of California $112,118.90 in unpaid taxes for the same year.

As TMZ notes, this isn't Anderson's first run-in with the IRS. In 2010, she had another tax lien filed against her for $1.7 million in unpaid taxes.

Anderson joins other celebrities, including Stephen Baldwin and Lindsay Lohan, who are also in trouble for not coughing up cash to the government. On Dec. 6, Baldwin was charged with failing to pay New York state taxes for three years, amassing a $350,000 debt, while Lohan's bank accounts have been seized by the IRS because she reportedly owes a total of $233,904.

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