Stop Lying If You Want 'Kumbaya,' CNN Host Pamela Brown Slams GOP

Some Republicans now want to "move on" from a profound division they created, the CNN host noted.

CNN host Pamela Brown bashed Republican lawmakers on Sunday, warning them they must stop lying about the presidential election before they can expect any “kumbaya.”

“The same GOP propaganda that led to the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol ... hasn’t gone away,” Brown said Sunday on “For The Record.” “That is why I challenge every single Republican I have on the show who voted to overturn the election. They don’t get to have everybody sing kumbaya until they stop repeating the same baseless claim that caused this,” she added.

“We would all love to heal and move on from this shameful episode of our country,” said Brown, referring to the Capitol riot. “But here’s the thing: The reality is Republicans and their followers have not moved on from the election.”

Brown the previous night had repeatedly challenged Kansas Republican Sen. Roger Marshall, who said he wanted the nation to “move on” from divisiveness even while being a key player in creating that profound division.

Marshall, one of only six senators who voted against certifying the Electoral College votes for a legitimate presidential election, insisted to Brown: “It’s time for this country to heal, it’s time for a spirit of forgiveness to be happening. It’s time for this country to work together.”

The Kansas City Star’s editorial board took aim at Marshall’s comments.

“That’s an odd prescription from a doctor-turned-politician who makes it a regular practice to pick at the country’s culture war wounds,” the editorial read. “His Twitter feed and official press releases often read like a MAGA ‘Mad Libs.’”

Check out Brown’s kumbaya insights in the video above, including comments on Donald Trump, starting at 2:00.

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