Pan Am Stewardesses Talk About Life In The Sky (VIDEO)

With the series premiere of ABC's "Pan Am" debuting on Sunday, here at HuffPost Travel we decided to sit down with six former flight attendants to get their take on the so-called friendly skies. After all, if you're basing your knowledge of the golden age of travel on ABC's new fall drama, Pan Am, you'd be pretty accurate.

While the show centers on the overdramatized hijinks, espionage and sexual escapades of Pan Am stewardesses, the real former iconic flight attendants can relate, and did indeed have their fair share of glamor.

These ladies of the sky were trained in every possible issue, from folding the cocktail napkins of the elite to delivering babies, and were rewarded for their resourcefulness and sense of adventure with haute cuisine courtesy of Maxim's de Paris, custom fitted pencil skirt suits designed by Beverly Hills couturier Don Loper and weekends in Tehran, Bangkok and Paris.

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