Pancake Fails: The Worst Batches On The Internet (PHOTOS)

You might want to skip breakfast if these make an appearance.

Just because Bisquik makes it look so simple, don't think for a second that making a great batch of pancakes is an easy feat. Pancakes require an ease in the kitchen, an eagle eye on cooking times, and a quick wit of course. We're not saying that pancakes are too hard to master. We're just saying that they aren't the easiest. So if your pancakes are coming out below average, don't be discouraged. Just remember: it's not you, it's the pancakes.

You can study all the tips for making perfect pancakes, but sometimes they're just going to be finicky. Next time your batch comes out subpar, don't let it ruin your Sunday morning. Instead, find solace in the fact that others have made them so much worse than you. Behold, the worst pancake fails the internet has to offer.

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This. Is. Not. Right.
Imgur: ComradVladimir
Food coloring does not have a place in pancakes.
Pancake Surprise
Imgur: 420_blaze_it_fag
Because everyone likes a little raw batter in their pancake, right?
Too Many Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Imgur: shnethog
There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.
Step Away From The Pancake
Imgur: shootappliances
Please, leave the Velveeta off the breakfast menu.
Egg-Free Pancake
Imgur: Show3it
That's what a pancake looks like when you forget the eggs. So, don't forget the eggs.
Sparkles + Pancakes = Very Bad Idea
Imgur: sonatia
Let's not make our breakfast cute. Please.
Pumpkin Pancakes?
Imgur: PacMax
Is that you??
Don't Forget To Cook The Pancakes
Imgur: CosmicWaffle5
This is really important!!!! Raw pancake batter porridge does not make a complete breakfast.
Don't Be Shy With The Butter
Imgur: countess_chocula
More butter. More butter. More butter.
There Is Such Thing As Too Much Bacon
Imgur: GazaIan
Can't we just let pancakes be pancakes and bacon be bacon?
Mmmm, Blueberry Pancakes
Imgur: cunningas
We shake our heads in shame.
Blueberry Pancakes, Take Two
Imgur: durianno
Let's not eat this, and just say we did.
Imgur: Nyrasil
Quick, someone find the Tums.
Psst, Pancakes Are Already Sweet
Imgur: Dufftones
Powdered sugar, peanut butter sauce, a slab of butter AND M&Ms just be might a tad overkill.
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