PancakeBot Makes It Appropriate To Play With Your Food

Preorders now available.

Here is some food for thought -- what if you could have pancakes in any shape? And we’re not just talking Mickey Mouse ears.

The PancakeBot is a 3-D printer with a program that allows users to design any kind of flapjack they desire for $299.99.

We’re talking dinosaurs, robots and even Albert Einstein’s head. Once users have designed a pancake using the program's software, they load their masterpiece into the PancakeBot with an SD card. The printer then draws the creation with batter on a hot plate, using a robotic nozzle.

According to, the launch of the product is due to a successful Kickstarter campaign, in which $460,584 was raised, when the original goal was only $50,000.

If those numbers are any indication, these may just sell like hot cakes.