Lovable Panda Demonstrates The Best Way To Get Down A Hill

Though really, we feel like we might hurt ourselves if we tried this.

What’s black and white and adorable when rolling over?

This panda, just having a time rolling down a hill.

Really good form, panda.

The video was posted by YouTube channel iPanda (aka our new favorite YouTube channel), which posts videos from China’s Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and Oolong National Nature Reserve, both located in the Sichuan province. This particular video was shot at the Chengdu Research base, according to Mashable.

And although there’s plenty of satisfaction to be found in just watching this panda roll down a hill again and again, panda enthusiasts should note that the iPanda website provides access to more panda live cams than you can shake a bamboo stick at.

You’re welcome.

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