These Street Murals Are Your Life Raft During Shark Week

By now, your social feed has undoubtedly been attacked by Shark Week. Thankfully, real life sharks -- bless them -- are not nearly as aggressive as Discovery Channel’s programming.

Tre’ Packard definitely wants you to know that. As the founder of the non-profit marine conservation/art collective PangeaSeed, he is way more fascinated by sharks than afraid of them. Since 2009, Packard has worked with activists, artists, researchers and volunteers to spread the word that sharks are, contrary to popular belief, majestic foundations of wildlife, rather than predatory monsters out for human blood.

Most recently, PangeaSeed organized a group of artists on a retreat -- a Sea Walls expedition, they called it -- to Isla Mujeres, the unofficial whale shark capital of the world. Packard told HuffPost before the trip, that “swimming with whale sharks is the most incredible wildlife experience you can have.”

He and 15 artists flew down there to dive with whale sharks for “a direct connection with them,” so that they could “then turn and do a series of large-scale murals throughout Isla Mujeres to serve as reminders, educational tools and inspirational pieces,” from which the locals and tourists alike can learn, he said.

They swam, they painted, they cruised with the locals. While their video below is no "Alien Sharks: Return to the Abyss," at least we can trust it.



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