20 Failed Panoramic Shots That Somehow Turned Into Surrealist Art

While many of you have surely taken your share of successful panoramic photos, the Internet has showed us an equal number of hilariously failed attempts.

That novelty feature on many of our phones promises to free us from traditional four-by-six-inch constraints -- but at what cost?! *Shudder.*

And yet, some of you have embraced the rules and limitations of cellphone panoramas to create (intentionally or not) surreal things of beauty. Here are some of those things.

Sometimes panorama mode can play tricks on you.

Other times, though, you're the one doing the tricks...

... By asking your subject to run (behind you) to a new pose after the camera passes over them once.

Shooting objects in motion may lead to unintended consequences.


Then again, you're not necessarily in the clear with stationary things, either.

So just embrace it.

(Pro Tip: "Unwrap" subjects by turning them in the same direction as your camera is moving.)

Your shots may defy all the rational rules of physics...

For no apparent reason.

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But this will simply add visual mystique.

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(Okay, calm down, Dalí.)

You should hope that your lighting conditions change suddenly...

Because then stuff like this happens.

And it's awesome.

Studies in motion, too, have never been easier.

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Or more bizarre.

So whether you're at the ends of the Earth...

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Or hanging out at home...

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Panorama mode can help you see your subjects in a whole new way.

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And create beautiful, beautiful exposures.

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