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This Guy's Panoramic Drawings On Coffee Cups Are So Much Better Than Latte Art


And you thought the stamp your favorite coffee shop uses to decorate its cups was cool.

Adrian Hogan, an illustrator living in Tokyo, has been crafting stunning panoramas of local scenes as part of his daily sketching practice. Hogan got the idea to draw on the cups from another local artist, Mariya Suzuki, and captures everything from a bookstore to the Imperial Palace.

“When I first arrived in Tokyo, my drawings were focused on the city and objects,” Hogan told Quartz. “Lately, I’ve focused more on my friends and the people I encounter here. The coffee cups have been a great way for me to look around again and be open to fresh inspiration.”

Hogan uses a combination of pens and watercolors to put the illustrations on cups left over from his daily coffee order, Mashable reported.

Take a look at some of the artist's stunning panoramas below, and follow him on Instagram @adehogan.

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