Pan's Labyrinth's Doug Jones: The CFQ Interview

2014-06-06-DustofWarDougJones2_410.jpgThe speaker of the Louisiana State Senate. An agoraphobic starfish. Two copies of Playboy with their centerfolds torn out. These are probably the only things actor Doug Jones hasn't been in his variegated career. In makeup and out, whether playing an amphibious scholar, a benevolent alien, or a mute, demonic organ harvester, Jones has managed to create roles that have been at once vivid, evocative, and memorable.

It happens to be a good time for Jones. Not only was there the recent video release of the ultra-violent grindhouse action film, Raze -- in which Jones plays the entitled overseer of an all-female death-match -- but the complete third season disc set of Falling Skies, where Jones is the alien ambassador Cochise, has just come out, and now Jones appears as a wandering (and canny) minstrel in the dizzyingly eclectic post-apocalyptic/Road Warrioresque/alien invasion/western, Dust of War, which just became available on VOD. We're thrilled to be able to talk with Jones about all of this, and more, as we kick off our second season of The CFQ Interview. Click on the player to hear the show.

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