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Pant Suits: Is This A Celeb Style You'd Actually Wear? (PHOTOS)

It's a style female politicos have rocked for years. Slim fitting and elegant, yet professional, the pant suit is a crucial part of any high-powered female's wardrobe.

More and more celebs have caught on to the pant suit trend, often putting their own spin on the look, adding heavy jewelry or trading in the traditional black for a eye-catching color. Though pant suits may be a favorite of politicos and celebs alike, that doesn't mean they're a wardrobe necessity in real life.

But that hasn't stopped many designers from incorporating the style into their winter womenswear collections. Carolina Herrara went as far as creating her first bridal pantsuit.

Yes, it seems the rise of the pant suit is imminent. While celebs are trading in gowns for pantsuits on the red carpet, we have to wonder if we all will be sporting the Hillary Clinton look soon enough -- or, maybe more like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley version.

Check out the gallery below to see celebs who wear pant suits!