Panther Coffee Opens in Coconut Grove

Panther Coffee is now open in Coconut Grove

I am pleased to welcome the newest business in Coconut Grove - Panther Coffee! It's been a long time coming and now it's here. I stopped by early this morning, a bit after opening, and was happy to see people there already. In the ever-changing Coconut Grove these days, which is full of development and greed, this is a welcome change.

The staff was bright and cheery and the coffee was flowing. There are about 15 employees on staff, total; about 6 or 7 there this morning.
I met Leticia Pollock, who owns Panther with her husband Joel, she is very proud and excited to be here in the Grove.
One fascinating thing I find is that cars just stopped in their tracks as they drove by. They just stopped. It looks like a plan in the works to redo Main Highway which maybe includes adding a bike lane, may need to add a parking lane, too, just for Panther Coffee! These cars are not stopped for the red light, they are parked, waiting for people who ran in to get coffee!

Leticia told me that it's a soft opening and they are working out the kinks, although I didn't see any. Everyone I saw had a big smile on their face. One lady I met was in scrubs, I asked if she stopped in on her way to work, she said, "No, I worked all night, I am on my way home and I passed by and just stopped when I saw they were open. I live down the street and I'll be here every day!" Another guy bought the first bag of fresh beans to take home and of course everyone else had coffee and croissants. I had a cafe mocha, my first drink at the Coconut Grove Panther Coffee location.

Right now coffee, tea, croissants, and soft drinks are on the menu, but they will soon expand to beer and wine. They will add tables outside and there should be one big community table added. They will have a cold brew nightcap coffee system, and one of the latest things is coming, a Bkon vacuum brew system, which the Grove location will have that the other Panther coffee locations don't. The vacuum is used to remove the air trapped in the organic coffee.

It's a good thing that their first day is on a holiday, today being Memorial Day, because I can easily see them being overwhelmed by the office workers when they open tomorrow, which is an excellent problem to have.

Coconut Grove's Panther Coffee hours will be:
7 am - 9 pm (Mon - Sat)
8 am - 9 pm (Sun)

They are located at 3407 Main Highway.