This Guy's Rap Just Might Inspire A Carolina Panthers Super Bowl

We can see Cam Newton dabbing to this song.

If you need another reason to root for the Carolina Panthers to win it all, we present you with this rap. 

Here are the best parts of the video, in order:

  1. All three growls.

  2. This man saying that he was "spitting fly hip-hop lines."

  3. When the rap turns into him spitting game: "Wanna holla at you Topcats who cheer and turn us on -- gimme them digits, I'll call you on my phone."

  4. That tremendously awful beat in the background.

  5. The video being shot on what appears to be a front lawn instead of literally anywhere else.

  6. Him randomly rapping while awkwardly looking down at the camera the entire time.

  7. The fact that at one point before shooting this video he thought, "you know what would be a really good idea?"

If this rap doesn't get Cam Newton and the Panthers pumped to play the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, then we have no idea what will. 


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