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Pants (suit) on fire

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The facts are that [Obama] said in the last week that he really liked the ideas of the Republicans over the last 10 to 15 years, and we can give you the exact quote.

That is a lie.

If anyone can provide the "exact quote" in which Obama said "he really liked the ideas of the Republicans," I will write a $1000 check to the Clinton for President campaign. Otherwise, I think we can safely assume that the Senator from New York forcefully stated the opposite of the truth.

More on the debate here.

Update A reader supplies the "exact quote":

We're bogged down in the same arguments that we've been having, and they're not useful. And, you know, the Republican approach, I think, has played itself out. I think it's fair to say the Republicans were the party of ideas for a pretty long chunk of time there over the last ten, fifteen years, in the sense that they were challenging conventional wisdom. Now, you've heard it all before. You look at the economic policies when they're being debated among the Presidential candidates and it's all tax cuts. Well, you know, we've done that, we tried it.

So the Republican approach is "played out" and the most central Republican idea -- cutting taxes -- is something that has been tried and didn't work. Not a word about "really liking" Republican ideas. I'd say my $1000 was safe.

I'm sorry to see from the comments that some of HRC's supporters share her standards of veracity. At no point did Obama, or anyone on the campaign, charge that HRC's historically tone-deaf comment about MLK and LBJ was "racist." The comment was, of course, silly: as LBJ understood perfectly well, without the movement led by King (among others) he would have had nothing to work with on Capitol Hill.

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