Jessie Gravatt Allegedly Exposes Pantsless Cab Driver In Perth, Australia (VIDEO)

When Jessie Gravatt hailed a cab recently, she didn't expect much more than a safe ride, a clean taxi and a driver that wore pants.

She got two out of three of those criteria, but midway through the ride, Gravatt, 21, a resident of Perth, Australia, looked over and saw the driver was pantsless and shoeless.

"I'm 99 per cent sure he wasn't wearing shorts because I could see," Gravatt told "The only clothing I could see on this guy was his work shirt. He just kept driving and I was messaging my friends the whole way letting them know what I had happened."

Gravatt said she didn't talk to him and ask him why he wasn't wearing trousers.

"He might have had harmless intentions, but if he did have bad intentions I didn't want to ask a question about it," she said.

Gravatt did manage to snap a photo of the allegedly pantsless hack on her phone, but said his driver identification was allegedly hidden from view.

She is willing to concede that there is "possibly a legitimate reason" for not wearing pants, but believed the proper thing in that case would have been to stop driving -- or at least picking up women, she told

Gravatt has since filed a formal complaint with the cab company that employed the driver and an investigation is underway. The driver's name has not been released, but he has reportedly told his superiors he was wearing shorts during his shift, reported.


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