In Defense Of Pantyhose

You'd be hard-pressed to find me not wearing pantyhose. Here's three reasons why.
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My earliest memory of pantyhose is watching my mother slip into sheer bronze stockings before Sunday morning church service. The way she carefully rolled them up without creating a snag baffled me, until I finally nailed the technique at age 11. Years later, you'd be hard-pressed to find me not wearing hosiery to match my coffee complexion. Here are three reasons why:

I love the way pantyhose feel. The women in my family are firm believers in social etiquette, and one of my grandmother's major rules of conduct is that you should never go barelegged. And a lady never scratches. So, over the years, I almost feel like pantyhose have become like a smooth "second skin" to me.

Nude pantyhose = no-fail bronzer. Since relocating up north -- first to Philadelphia, then New York City and back to Philly -- the colder climate and lack of sun make itdamn near impossible to maintain an even skin tone. To avoid glares that totally say, "Girl, your face and legs are two different shades," I break out a fresh pair of hosiery to show off my gams in leather shorts or mini skirts.

Got leg stubble? Try pantyhose. I absolutely hate shaving or waxing and will go as long as I can before giving in to an agonizing hair removal session. And one of my tricks to smooth down leg stubble (or at least make it appear less obvious) is simply wearing pantyhose. That extra barrier makes a big difference in being called out for having hairy legs.