Spiral-Happy Drawings Created From A Single Continuous Line Are Absolutely Mesmerizing (PHOTOS)

Who needs a hypnotist when you have trippy artworks to lull you into a trance? Croatian artist Paolo Čerić creates some seriously disorienting works in which human bodies are rendered with a single stroke, spiraling from the image's midpoint outwards.


Although the images appear hand drawn, Čerić actually created them through a computer code he wrote himself, which renders images in one mesmerizing continuum. The tech-savvy artist explained the process in an email to The Huffington Post:

"I first found an interesting image on the internet and then I used that photo as an input for my code, which I wrote from scratch. The imperfections of the spirals are intentional; I incorporated those in my code to make my images more organic."

This is not the first time Čerić has entranced us with imagery. We previously covered his equally captivating GIFs, which similarly contain the ability to make us dazed and confused, in the best way possible.




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