Papa John's Launched A Weird New 'Craving,' And Pizza Lovers Aren't Having It

The new menu item strips Papa John's pizza of one key ingredient.

A new Papa John’s menu item is saying goodbye to crust, and pizza lovers can’t help but mock the new addition to the fast-food chain.

The chain announced last week that its latest dish, Papa Bowls, didn’t need the foundation for pizza pies. The bowls will include toppings for a number of pizza types ― including Garden Veggie, Italian Meats Trio and Chicken Alfredo ― minus the round crust to hold them.

“Our signature crust continues to be a beloved favorite, but we know that sometimes customers crave something different,” said Scott Rodriguez, the chain’s senior vice president of strategy and product innovation.

“We want them to know we are committed to delivering on all of those cravings through our menu.”

Pizza lovers caught on to the news through a CNN tweet describing the item as a way for the chain to “get people excited about pizza again.”

The new menu item, like crust on a bad pizza, was burned to a crisp.

“People never stopped being excited about pizza. They stopped being excited about Papa John’s which is utterly shitty pizza,” wrote @CaffeineAndHate.

“To get people excited about pizza again, papa John’s is now offering something that isn’t pizza,” wrote @thesixler.

You can see more pizza lovers chew on the announcement below.

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