This Amazing Paper Airplane Is Just Like A Boomerang

It glides through the air before returning back to the launch site.

This paper airplane just can't stay away.

It majestically flies through the air for an astonishing 20 seconds after being thrown out of a second floor window at a high school in Japan.

Soaring, dipping and diving for what seems like an eternity, it then incredibly returns to the same spot from where it was launched.

Ikuya Hara posted the footage to Twitter last Thursday, which is now going viral:

RocketNews24 points out that the folding technique used to create the airplane is "above basic" but "there doesn't appear to be anything unique about it to make it boomerang."

It looks like a second attempt from the same window didn't go quite so well:

But the students should take heart. Their effort is less than 10 seconds short of the Guinness World Record for the longest time flying a paper aircraft.

Fellow countryman Takuo Toda holds the title. His airplane stayed in the air for 29.2 seconds in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima, in December 2010.

With a little more luck, they could smash that standard.

Or they could just do what these guys did -- and launch a paper airplane from the top of Wembley Stadium in London, England, during a soccer match. The aircraft ended up gently striking Peruvian player Hansell Riojas on the head.