Carpenter Uses Flimsy Sheet Of Paper To Saw Through Wood

Scissors cut paper, but does paper cut wood?

A flimsy sheet of paper gives the mother of all cuts to a strip of wood in a new viral video.

John Heisz replaced his buzzsaw blade with a round piece of regular printer paper, which he then used to saw through the wood.

This redefines ‘paper cut,’ I guess,” the carpenter from Ontario, Canada, wrote Sunday on his woodworking website I Build It.

“And while this really doesn’t have any practical applications, it was interesting to do,” he stated.

With humidity making the paper “fairly limp with moisture,” Heisz said it was “amazing” that his experiment even worked.

He later tried to test his makeshift paper blade on a piece of aluminum, but it just “polished the edge before wearing out,” he wrote. “The abrasiveness of the paper works well on wood, but is no match for anything harder.”

Check it out in the clip above.

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