John Green's Script For 'Paper Towns' Had A Different Ending, And It Was 'Terrible'

John Green Wrote A 'Paper Towns' Script With This Alternate Ending

John Green doesn't begrudge the higher-ups for disregarding the script he penned for the film adaptation of his novel Paper Towns.

"Nobody liked it," he said of his script in a HuffPost Live conversation on Thursday. "It was terrible on a bunch of levels."

For one, the screenplay strayed from the source material and culminated in the protagonist, Q, ending up with Lacey.

"It was very, very different from the book, and I think fans would not have liked it," Green admitted.

The "The Fault In Our Stars" author didn't oversee every facet of the project, but he did play a role in determining the feel of the film and earned an executive producer credit.

"I don't know how to make a good movie, but I love being on set," he explained. "Answering any questions that they [the cast] have, that's something I'm happy to do and really enjoy."

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