This Armrest Could Cure One Of Air Travel's Greatest Woes

You know how it goes. You've settled into your oh-so-narrow economy seat, ready to embark on your journey to wherever it is you're going. Your seatmate approaches, stows his or her carry-on luggage in the overhead bin, sits down. And then it happens.

Said seatmate plops an arm on the armrest, shoving yours awkwardly to the side. And you're stuck like this for the next however many hours. And it's awful.

Armrest wars may come to an end however, thanks to a brilliant double-decker armrest created by Paperclip Design.

The Paperclip Armrest allows two people to comfortably share the surface by offering two levels of resting space. It's designed for high-density seating areas, such as an airplane.

Wouldn't it be nice to rest your arm without worry on your next flight? Check out more photos of the Paperclip Armrest below.

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