Shift Your Paradigms to Restore and Recapture Your Dreams

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness seem like an elusive, fleeting dream for many people globally. There has been a tremendous shift for many people financially, and they need to rethink how they can begin the process of recapturing and restoring their dreams.
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Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness seem like an elusive, fleeting dream for many people globally. There has been a tremendous shift for many people financially, and they need to rethink how they can begin the process of recapturing and restoring their dreams. With unprecedented foreclosures, massive downsizing and loss of lifestyle as many of us have known it, the paramount question is how we can shift paradigms and begin to recreate a compelling future for ourselves.

So what is a paradigm? A paradigm is a pattern, mode, or specific way of thinking over a period of time. So what is the new paradigm for people who dare to create new ways of thinking and methodologies for being and living? Listed below are some new paradigms that you can implement into your life to create a new compelling future

1. Focus on What You Have Left in Your Life

Focus is the key to success.The question is, are you going to focus on your losses or on what you have left? That is the decision that you will have to make. You can begin the shift by deliberately and intentionally focusing on the positive things that are still in your life.

I am a certified Dream Coach, and I had one of my clients whose business supplied parts to automobile manufacturers for 20 years. During the crises in the auto industry, he found his business was directly and radically impacted. Each day he would go to his office and think about how much money he was losing and how many people he had to lay off. During a coaching session, we devised a plan for him to focus on what he had left and how he could devise a new plan for his life and business. Well, shortly thereafter, he expanded and shifted his thinking and contacted some overseas auto manufactures and began supplying them with auto parts. That is a prime example of focusing in on what you have left and devising plans to help you restore your dreams. His company now provides auto parts for manufactures globally. Another great way to create focus is to write down what your goals are in a simple, clear and concise manner. Only 3 percent of people have written goals, according to author Brian Tracey in his book Goals: How to Get Everything You Want -- Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible. My coaching clients have experienced that written goals keep you focused and intentional specifically on your dreams/goals. So I encourage you to begin to allow your vision/focus to pull you from the past and shift you into your magnificent future.

2. Shift Your Thoughts and Words

Everything in the universe begins with and revolves around two things: words and thoughts. Thoughts manifest into things. Therefore, if your life is going to change you must begin to think beyond current circumstances. So begin to deliberately and intentionally focus on and be clear about how you want your life to become.

Secondly, begin to speak words that align your clarity of thoughts with your new paradigm. As a daily practice, begin to speak, affirm and align your words with your desires and dreams.

3. Reinvent Yourself

According to Paul Zane Pilzer in his book The Next Millionaires, there were more millionaires created during the great depression than at any other time in history. So, with the right mindset, there is a great opportunity to create prosperity and new lives in the midst of difficult times.

How does this process begin? It begins with an inventory, assessment and reexamination of what your talents/gifts/passions are. Secondly, begin brainstorming about how to take your unique talents and create innovative solutions, strategies and added value to the marketplace. To reinvent yourself can be a daunting task, but on the other hand, it can be an exciting exploration of untapped potential and talents, where you can add value in the form of services or goods.

I had a client who had been downsized from a major corporation and felt ashamed, overwhelmed and lost. She decided that she was going to reinvent herself. Her former company paid for her to take personality inventory tests and she discovered what she always knew -- that she had great interpersonal skills and loved empowering others. At the time she felt that one way to reinvent herself was to turn her pain into her passion. She collaborated with a business partner and founded an employment agency which specialized in obtaining employment for displaced workers. That is a great example of someone who decided to reinvent themselves.

4. Create Your Dream Team

A new paradigm is the power of synergy. Learn how to reach out and ask for help. The definition of a synergistic relationship is two or more things or people functioning together to produce results not independently obtainable. During change and difficult times, many people isolate themselves and try to maneuver through difficult times alone, but the new paradigm is to create a dream team that helps you create and restore your dreams. Getting a mentor or a life coach is a great first step in creating your dream team. Another method of creating your dream team is to attend networking and meet up meetings, putting yourself in the position to develop empowering relationships.

5. Take Action

Henry David Thoreau stated: "Go confidently in the direction of your dream." So many people are waiting until all of their "ducks are in a row," but you must begin movement now. You must align action with your desire. Begin taking small "baby steps" toward your dream. When you begin moving, you will begin building momentum. Momentum happens as you begin to experience success, then another one, then yet another one follows until you see great growth and progress.

Begin utilizing the above-referenced steps to begin creating a new paradigm and exciting future for yourself. I have great anticipation for each of you restoring and creating your dream life.

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