The Paradox of Recipe Reading (and Writing)

A recipe can be a tricky beast; one day your best friend; the next, a plate of inedible smudge. What is a recipe? Why do we have them, and what's the best approach?

In an ideal world a recipe is a template that can be recreated over and over with perfect consistency, but nature doesn't give us perfectly consistent ingredients to work with. So, in reality it's just a guideline, a rough draft of a dish that one must edit with every publication.

In writing recipes, I try hard to find the best middle ground. Giving the cook enough info for inspiration, but with room for preferential variation. So keep in mind that I think of my recipes as foundations on which to build. Read them knowing that I hope you take license, and let me know if it works (or if it doesn't). My goal with Grill-A-Chef is to encourage people to cook, and that takes a little experimentation and awareness. As the cook it's your job to adjust for nature's inconsistency, and whenever possible, enjoy the variations it provides. All too often someone becomes hell-bent on recreating some dish or meal that made an impression, and we forget to appreciate what we're eating while we're eating it.

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The Paradox of Recipe Reading (and Writing)
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