Watch For Anger-roos! Ticked-Off Kangaroo Lets Paraglider Know Who’s The Boss

Do NOT land in this rowdy 'roo's turf.

This wasn’t exactly a happy landing.

Paraglider Jonathan Bishop wrapped up a two-hour cross-country journey with a textbook landing in Namadgi National Park outside Canberra in Australia last week.

In a scene right out of an Australian wildlife video, he was immediately greeted by kangaroos.

“I was concentrating on the landing and didn’t notice the kangaroo until after I landed,” Bishop told ViralHog. “As it ran towards me I thought it was being friendly, so I said ‘What’s Up, Skip?’”

But the rowdy ’roo had menace on its mind.

Check it out in the clip above.

(H/T Mashable)

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