Paragliding Acrobats: Pilot Gill Schneider And Roxane Giliand, Trapeze Artist, Take To The Skies (PHOTOS)(VIDEO)

"Paragliding for me is more than a passion, it's my life," French pilot Gill Schneider says in the video above. The daredevil decided to team up with a circus troupe in order to take paragliding to the next level.

The video, produced by Shamsprod, starts to get really good at 2:40, when Schneider teams up with trapeze artist Roxane Giliand, who works at ENACR, the national circus school in Rosny-sous-Bois, France. The fearless aerial performer floats hundreds of feet above land and water, contorting her body to create exquisite shapes in the sky.

See images of the incredible acrobats in the slideshow below:

Paragliding Acrobats