Woman Who Is Paralyzed Just Wanted To Style Her Hair, So A Stranger Made Her A Modified Tool

A compassionate Redditor went out of his way to make one woman's life just a little easier.

Rachelle Friedman, a woman who was paralyzed from the chest down five years ago, after an accident at her bachelorette party, has become an outspoken advocate for people with disabilities. She recently participated in a Reddit AMA where she answered questions about the accident and her life after the incident -- one of which was about her beauty routine post-accident.

In her answer, Friedman mentioned that she wished there was a hair straightener that met her needs:

"If there was a way that a hair straightener would clamp with the motion of just lifting your hand back then that would be amazing," the new mom wrote "I just can't squeeze a hair straightener to make a clamp."

After reading her response, Redditor I_Lase_You decided to create a modified hair straightener that operated according to Friedman's request and uploaded a video on YouTube this past Saturday, explaining its function.

His compassionate act made Reddit headlines and a post about it was upvoted more than 3,000 times as of Tuesday.

The act of kindness left Friedman ecstatic.

"I know it's just hair," she wrote on her Facebook page, explaining the act's significance. "But to many women in my situation this could bring a bit more independence in feeling beautiful!"

In his video, I_Lase_You explains that Friedman can slip her hand into the contraption and make the straightener clamp by moving her wrist in an upward motion. While the completed product wasn't featured in the video, the kind Redditor said in a post that he's been communicating with Friedman and "getting some feedback from her on a few changes she wants."

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