Paralyzed girl came back to normal life

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One of rarest miracle came to happened in Pt kushilal ayurvedic medical college Bhopal, where a long paralyzed girl came back to normal life. A city girl name Sonika 8 years was suffering from paralysis past 5 years. A chronic disorder her entire body was left paralyzed and was only able to move her face and other life supporting internal organs.

Sonika was earlier remain admitted long in big hospitals of delhi, for a middle class working parents this was continuously getting expensive so they referred their daughter to Indore city hospital, but around 3 years of treatment came up with no result.

Later finding no way out of their pain, parents were no more able to afford ever getting expensive treatment decided to bring back their daughter to their home at Bhopal and decided to take care of their daughter personally.

however on recommendation of a family friend they admitted their daughter to pt kushilal ayurvedic medical college natural therapy wing operated by psyiology department head Dr Anju sharma. Under supervision of Dr Anju sharma, qualified medical staff and lots of prayers of Sonika's parents, relatives and friends a 17 months long treatment is showing its results on little girl, she can now stand on her feet with support and can use her hand with little helping hands of her parents.

Parents and medical staff consider it as miracle, as after suffering such paralysis there are almost no chance for patints to come back to normal life, however Sonika not only against the odds came back near normal life but also showing good improvement.

Ayurved is a natural therepy which is considered world oldest medicinal therepy which has shown very impressive results on patients without side effects agaisnt their western counterparts.