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Groom, Paralyzed In An Accident, Walks Down The Aisle With Some High-Tech Help

Now this is commitment!

Fulfilling a promise to his bride, a groom who is partially paralyzed walked at their wedding Saturday with some high-tech help.

Matt Ficarra, who broke his neck in a 2011 boating accident, wore an exoskeleton robotic device called an Ekso to step down the aisle and marry Jordan Basile at the Doubletree Hotel in Syracuse, New York.

But making good on the pledge wasn't a matter of merely putting on the Ekso. According to the Syracuse Post-Standard, Ficarra had driven several hours each week since March to a rehabilitation center in Allentown, Pennsylvania, to practice with the Ekso. He went from just a few steps to being able to cover a mile.

As the video above shows, he handled his big moment with aplomb, earning applause from ceremony guests.

"It felt awesome," he told "CBS This Morning."

Matt, 31, and Jordan, 27, left Monday on their Jamaican honeymoon. Congrats to both!

Ficarra is now trying to crowdfund the $130,000 necessary to buy an exoskeleton of his own. You can visit his campaign on

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