Dan Black, Paralyzed British Man, Forgoes Dream Of Walking To Give Donations To Boy With Cerebral Palsy

Since he was paralyzed nearly four years ago, Dan Black has dreamed of getting out of his wheelchair, but he recently gave it all up to help a boy with severe disabilities.

After getting hit by a car, Black lost use of his legs and his right arm, he said in a video posted to SWNS. The British man, who requires around-the-clock care, recently got help from his community in raising nearly $30,000 for stem cell treatment that will likely not be available for a number of years, the Free Press Series reported.

But when Black learned about Brecon Vaughan, a 5-year-old with cerebral palsy who needs help paying for surgery that will allow him to walk, Black decided to give all of the money to him.

“There isn’t any treatment available for me at the moment, whereas Brecon can have treatment now, so I decided to donate the money onto him,” Black said in the SWNS video. “I’m trying to give him something that I can’t have.”


Brecon’s family is working on raising more than $90,000 to pay for their son to travel to the U.S. to get a specialized orthopedic surgery that could help correct the stiffness in his legs and enable him to walk freely, his parents wrote on his Just Giving page.

In addition to funding medical expenses, Brecon’s parents need help paying for travel, hotel stays and rehabilitative treatment after the boy’s surgery.

Black, who’s quality of life is “horrendous,” according to his mother, knows he is sacrificing an incredible opportunity, but he wants the little boy to have a chance at having an idyllic childhood.

"Daniel goes to bed dreaming he can walk and run,” Black’s mom told the Free Press. “But I agree with him, Brecon’s only five and he should walk.”

Feeling inspired? Find out how you can donate to Brecon's campaign here.



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