Paramore Just Released New Music And Our Inner Teen Can't Handle It

It's the group's first new song in four years.
Erika Goldring via Getty Images

No need to be in the business of misery anymore, folks. Paramore just dropped their first new song in four years.

Please excuse us while we pop punk jump for joy.

The song, titled “Hard Times,” is a retro take on Paramore’s classic punk-rock-pop sound. The music video has a distinctive throwback vibe, with colorful squiggles and neon illustrations covering the screen.

“Hard Times” is the debut single off of Paramore’s forthcoming album “After Laughter,” due May 12. The single is the band’s first release since their 2013 self-titled album.

“I didn’t even know if we were going to make another record,” lead singer Hayley Williams told The New York Times. “There was a moment when I didn’t even want it to happen. Then it was like, I want it to happen, but I don’t know how we’re going to do it.”

Luckily for their fans, they figured it out.

“Hard Times” also marks the return of founding member and drummer Zac Farro. Farro and his brother Josh left Paramore in 2010 after a bitter rift: Josh later said he and his bandmates were just “riding on the coattails” of “Hayley’s dream.”

Well, it appears Hayley Williams and Farro have put the “Hard Times” behind them. Not only do they have a new album on the horizon, but the band also announced a summer tour in Europe. Grab your Vans and studded belts, people ― this is the moment we’ve been waiting for!

Check out Paramore’s music video for “Hard Times” below.