Paranoia Over Online Security Risks Is Increasing: Survey Says

Today's consumers are highly aware they’re subject to Internet security risks. In fact, they're so conscious of it they feel safer meeting a stranger in person than opening an email attachment from someone they don’t know, and think using a computer without security software is a bigger risk than leaving their front door or car unlocked. According to a survey from Internet security firm Webroot, 85 percent think using an unsecured computer is "very" or "extremely" risky. Despite the fear, 25 percent don’t use any security software, and the same percentage use only free security software.

Why It Matters to Your Business: Are your employees aware of the danger of online security risks? Sure, they’re likely to know about some risks: 81 percent of those surveyed know that opening an email attachment from an unfamiliar source is very or extremely risky. But 70 percent think using public WiFi connections is perfectly safe, when in fact this can expose your business's data to theft. Make sure you set policies for computer security, both in the office and when working remotely, and enforce them -- or you could be putting your business at risk.