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Paranormal on the Road: Searching for Weirdness Around the World -- My Five Top Personal Experiences

I have spent the last 30 years or so traipsing around this globe looking for paranormal stories and investigating weirdness that I have witnessed and experienced for myself. The planet does not disappoint!
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I have spent the last 30 years or so traipsing around this globe looking for paranormal stories and investigating weirdness that I have witnessed and experienced for myself. The planet does not disappoint!

I have traveled to all seven continents and explored places that most would not dare to go. I would like to share some of my personal stories with you here.

There are five incidents that stick out in my mind that are intriguing and weird, to say the least. In 2009, I was asked to travel to Bolivia to research ancient sites and history. I was given a letter by the Bolivian government that allowed me to go anywhere on the archeological site of Tihuanaku on the Bolivian-Peruvian border. This was at 14,000 feet/4,500 meters in elevation. Breathing was difficult and walking felt like I was underwater.

My companion was a Bolivian archeologist who claimed that in 1982, he had uncovered a tunnel in the region that lead into a huge underground cavern. Inside, he and his team found a 9 foot/3 meter long cyclops in suspended animation, surrounded by a computer bank estimated at 15,000 years old.

When this was reported to the government authorities, they were told to bulldoze the entrance and leave it unmarked, where it supposedly remains to this day, waiting for rediscovery. I was also shown a secret room in a building on the Tihuanaku site that contained a glass container filled with small elongated heads. I was not allowed to take pictures. Very frustrating! These mysteries remain unexplained even today, except for some theories that say that this was an ancient alien city.

In 2010, I traveled to Antarctica by ship. The Drake Passage is a rough body of water to cross, so I was relieved to finally enter the calmer waters of the Antarctic Peninsula. However, one of the stops was at Deception Island, an active caldera volcano that could blow at any time! What were they thinking sailing over a seething magma dome!

It was a bright and clear day. As we looked up at the crystal blue sky, two shiny UFOs flew directly overhead, seemingly watching us as we watched them. Perhaps they were wondering what a boatful of silly humans was doing floating over an active volcano.

Antarctica has a reputation for strange things flying in the sky. In January 2012, there were even reports on the news about a Russian scientific team disappearing near Lake Vostok while digging deep into the ice to see what was underneath.

Onward to Iceland where I travel every year. Here, there are numerous stories of elves, fairies and what the locals call "Hidden Folk." "Hidden Folk" look like humans and appear in homes that are built over or near "Hidden Folk" domains.

In one incident, a road crew was stopped in a rural area because their equipment was constantly being damaged. They were told by locals to make an offering to the "Hidden Folk." They refused. Their vehicles were overturned every night.

Finally, out of desperation, the work crew made a peace offering at the site to the "Hidden Folk", asking permission to continue. They were never bothered again and the road was completed.

Down in South Africa, where I just did a series of lectures, there are stories of many strange things in the Kalahari Desert. However, the strangest thing was taken out of the South Atlantic Ocean near Cape Town.

Fishermen caught a huge Great White shark. They strung it up on the dock and cut it open. Supposedly, they found the remains of a Merman inside who was holding the remains of a spear made out of the stinger of a sting ray fish. This event was documented on a show featured on "Animal Planet." I am still investigating Merfolk sightings across the world. But, perhaps the biggest paranormal experience that I have is in my own home. It is ongoing and I have been writing about it for years.

I live near the shoreline of Lake Michigan. The area is known for its paranormal events and anomalous sightings of UFOs and animals that seem out of place. My home is on a ravine where a stream flows. There are also underground rivers that energetically create electromagnetic waves that rise to the surface of the ground.

Theories abound about such waves causing openings or vortices into and from other realities. My home is known for its ghostly activities and even appearances of beings that defy explanation.

On the third floor of my home, carpets move mysteriously, heating and air conditioning alter temperatures by themselves and footsteps can be heard in the middle of the night. When I ask whatever is doing this to stop, it does for a while. Then, after a few days, the fun begins again.

Do you have paranormal experiences? I would like to hear from you. Leave a comment on this article or contact me via my website.

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