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'Paranormal Witness' Finale: The Haunting That Led To The First Televised Exorcism (VIDEO)

It was a story that led to the first-ever televised exorcism back in the 1970s. Now, for the season finale of "Paranormal Witness," the story of the Becker's haunted Chicago home was explored and retold. They believed it was the spirits of previous tenants out to harm them.

They reported multiple occurrences, like doors opening and closing, keys moving, objects flying off of the walls. and even voices. Things took an even darker turn when the Beckers rented out their downstairs apartment to a couple with a young baby.

Martha Becker recalled one chilling experience, which the show presented in a dramatic reenactment. With the baby sitting in a walker, Martha noticed the walker moving. Only the baby was too young still to reach the ground. She managed to snatch the baby out of it moments before the walker went over the steps to the basement.

"I thought it was my fault. I should’ve told her our house was haunted," Martha said. The Beckers eventually got out themselves, selling the house for only $10.

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