'Paranormal Witness': Man And His Wife Stalked At Their Cabin By A Werewolf? (VIDEO)

While "Paranormal Witness" spends most of its time exploring hauntings and ghost encounters, the show took a very different path with its latest installment. Keith Williams lived in a cabin out in the woods of London, Ohio. It was a typical and peaceful small town, except for the glowing eyes Keith's wife kept seeing outside of their windows.

Things took a dramatic turn when Keith got up early one morning. In the rear view of his car, he saw the same eyes his wife had been seeing every few months. When he got out, he saw tracks on the roof of his house, and then on the ground.

"Whatever jumped off the back of my house landed 20 feet out in the middle of my yard. Nothing can do that," he said.

Nothing, except perhaps a werewolf? He tracked the footprints to another cabin, owned by a man named George. Only when police went inside this cabin, there was nothing in there save for steel walls and chains for restraining some kind of creature.

After George died, Keith and his wife never again saw those eyes.

Expect the unexpected every week on "Paranormal Witness," Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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