Paraplegic Mom Goes Surfing (VIDEO)

In a new YouTube video, a paraplegic mom goes surfing off the West Coast of Australia by being duct taped to a surfer's back.

As Australia's Herald Sun reports, the 50-year-old mom, Pascale Honore, is shown smiling as she rides the waves with 23-year-old professional diver Tyron Swan.

According to the report, the process works with Pascale going into a backpack with holes cut off at the bottom for her legs. Then she is duct taped to Tyron or Ty's back from the legs, waist, and shoulders.

Watch the video:

The video shows the duo just barely wiping out as they try to catch a wave from their red and white surfboard surrounding the light blue water. Then, with the aid of a jet ski, the blonde Ty and black-haired Pascale are shown catching waves.

Some 18 years ago, Pascale was reportedly left paralyzed from a car accident that injured her spinal cord.

Pascale, it is reported, resigned to the fact that she was permanently paralyzed after roughly six months of rehabilitation. Yet she was "determined that it wasn't going to define her life."

Pascale is quoted as saying:

"People would say to me, 'Picture yourself walking again.' One day I just told myself, 'Well maybe I could walk one day, but in the meantime what am I supposed to do?' That's when I decided to just get on with it. You either look at what you've got or you look at what you haven't got."

But after growing "frustrated" seeing her two sons surf and not being do it with them, Ty, a family friend, came up with the solution one night.

People, Ty is quoted as saying, all thought his idea was insane -- "[e]ven the loosest people."

But people, he notes, offered ideas for how he could train for the task -- such as by carrying a 45kg backpack while he surfed. The issue with that, he found, was that it's not "buoyant like a person is, so if I wiped out I was going straight to the bottom." As the video clearly shows, the "crazy" idea worked after all.

Last December, the surfing pair gave it a shot to the astonishment of onlookers and naysayers. (Reminds me of an article of mine in which I reported on a Kickstarter campaign from a man with barely usable arms or legs who writes and draws comics from a stick in his mouth.)

How's that for "where there's a will there's a way" and solving problems creatively!