Timothy Forbes Bit Off Part Of Basketball Coach's Ear At Son's Game In Massachusetts, Cops Say

Angry Dad Allegedly Bit Off Coach's Ear At Youth Basketball Game

This basketball dad was apparently trying a little too hard to "Be Like Mike" -- Mike Tyson, that is.

Massachusetts dad Timothy Forbes, 34, allegedly went berserk Friday when his 6th-grade son's basketball team lost a game. Police say he attacked the winning team's coach and bit off part of his ear, according to USA today.

The unidentified coach was rushed to the hospital where his ear was surgically reattached.

When the game ended -- at Holy Name School in Springfield -- Forbes allegedly barreled through several 10- to 12-year-old kids before he made it to the coach.

"During the brief but violent assault assault, part of the coach's [left] ear was bitten off," Police Sgt. John Delaney told The Republican.

Other parents reportedly tried to pull Forbes off the coach, but the alleged assailant fled before cops arrived. Forbes turned himself in at the Springfield courthouse on Monday and pleaded not guilty to disorderly conduct, assault and battery, felony mayhem and other charges.

Extra curricular violence at sporting events is not an uncommon occurrence.

Late last year, several football players and their coaches attacked a referee over a bad call, turning the Florida football field into an all-out war zone. The horrendous attack led to several charges for both players and Sarasota Gators coaching staff.

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