16 Companies That Did The Right Thing For Parents In 2015

These employers aren't waiting for America to change its policy on parental leave.

It's been a banner year for parental leave.

In 2015, reality set in: It makes zero sense that the United States remains the only developed country without a paid leave policy, so companies started taking the initiative to expand benefits for employees who were becoming new parents.

Beginning with companies in the tech industry, including eBay, Microsoft, Netflix and Amazon, employers boosted the amount of paid time off, with many granting the same to both moms and dads -- because it's okay for men to prioritize their families over their jobs, too. The shift prompted some banks, like Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs, to offer more generous parental leave packages as well.

And that's not even counting those outside the corporate world, including the U.S. Navy and federal workers, who also saw their leave benefits expand.

At this rate, 2016 is shaping up to be even better for parents.

Here's to 16 companies that did the right thing for parents this year: 

  • Netflix
    <strong>Paid parental&nbsp;leave:</strong>&nbsp;12 months for salaried workers; 12 to 16 weeks for hourly employees.<br><stro
    Paid parental leave: 12 months for salaried workers; 12 to 16 weeks for hourly employees.
    Previously: Hourly employees weren't paid fully during parental leave.

    Netflix offers a very generous package to new parents -- but the benefits vary. Its salaried employees get up to 12 months of paid leave, while hourly workers receive between 12 and 16 weeks, depending on which department they work for.
  • Amazon
    <strong>Paid maternity&nbsp;leave:</strong> 20 weeks.<br><strong>Previously:</strong> Eight weeks.<br><br>Amazon <a href="htt
    Paul Faith/PA Wire
    Paid maternity leave: 20 weeks.
    Previously: Eight weeks.

    Amazon announced in November that men will get paid time off as well. The company also introduced a six-week leave-share initiative, in which employees who return early from the six weeks off get paid for the remaining time, so their partner can take time off with the baby.
  • Microsoft
    <strong>Paid parental&nbsp;leave:</strong> 12 weeks.<br><strong>Previously:</strong> Four paid weeks and eight unpaid weeks.<
    Paid parental leave: 12 weeks.
    Previously: Four paid weeks and eight unpaid weeks.

    Moms can also take an additional eight weeks of paid maternity disability leave, as part of a common practice by employers that brings childbirth under disability insurance.
  • Facebook
    <strong>Paid parental leave:</strong> Four months for all employees.<br><strong>Previously:</strong> Four months for U.S. emp
    Paid parental leave: Four months for all employees.
    Previously: Four months for U.S. employees and female employees in international offices.

    Facebook improved its leave policy for international dads in November. Earlier in 2015, the company also expanded benefits for its contractors, which includes a $4,000 new child benefit for parents.
  • Paypal
    <strong>Paid maternity&nbsp;leave:</strong> Eight weeks.<br><strong>Previously:</strong> Eight weeks at 80 percent pay.<br><b
    Paid maternity leave: Eight weeks.
    Previously: Eight weeks at 80 percent pay.

    Both moms and dads are also eligible for eight weeks of paid bonding leave.
  • Ebay
    <strong>Paid parental leave:</strong> 12 weeks.<br><strong>Previously:</strong> 10 weeks of maternity leave at 80 percent of
    Bennett Raglin/AP
    Paid parental leave: 12 weeks.
    Previously: 10 weeks of maternity leave at 80 percent of pay and no paternity leave.

    Birth mothers get a total of 24 paid weeks off.
  • Adobe
    <strong>Paid maternity leave:</strong> Six months.<br><strong>Previously:</strong> Nine paid weeks for new moms.<br><br>Adobe
    Bloomberg via Getty Images
    Paid maternity leave: Six months.
    Previously: Nine paid weeks for new moms.

    Adobe also gives 16 weeks of paid leave for new fathers.
  • Accenture
    <strong>Paid maternity leave:</strong> 16 weeks.<br><strong>Previously:</strong> Eight weeks.<br><br>New parents at Accenture
    Bloomberg via Getty Images
    Paid maternity leave: 16 weeks.
    Previously: Eight weeks.

    New parents at Accenture can also work locally with no travel during the child's first year. If a mother chooses to continue traveling for work, Accenture will pay for her to ship her breast milk home.
  • Johnson & Johnson
    <strong>Paid parental leave:</strong> 17 weeks for birth moms; nine weeks for new dads.<br><strong>Previously:</strong> 12 we
    Bloomberg via Getty Images
    Paid parental leave: 17 weeks for birth moms; nine weeks for new dads.
    Previously: 12 weeks for moms; two for dads.

    New parents don't have to take their leave all in one lump, which allows for more flexibility during their child's first year.
  • Spotify
    <strong>Paid parental leave:</strong> Six months.<br><strong>Previously:</strong> Spotify didn't clarify.<br><br>The <a href=
    Mario Tama via Getty Images
    Paid parental leave: Six months.
    Previously: Spotify didn't clarify.

    The leave policy extends to all of Spotify's employees globally, and can be used during the first three years of a child's life. The company is also offering flexible work options for employees returning to work.
  • Nestle
    <strong>Paid parental leave:</strong> 14 weeks.<br><strong>Previously:</strong> Six weeks.<br><br>New parents can also take <
    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images
    Paid parental leave: 14 weeks.
    Previously: Six weeks.

    New parents can also take 12 weeks of unpaid leave.
  • Vodafone
    <strong>Paid maternity leave:</strong> 16 weeks.<br><strong>Previously:</strong> Vodafone didn't clarify.<br><br>Mothers retu
    Paid maternity leave: 16 weeks.
    Previously: Vodafone didn't clarify.

    Mothers returning to work can rejoice, too: Vodafone offers full-time pay for those who work 30-hour weeks during the first six months they're back.
  • Goldman Sachs
    <strong>Paid parental&nbsp;leave:</strong> Four weeks for dads, 16 weeks for moms.<br><strong>Previously:</strong> Two weeks
    Richard Drew/AP
    Paid parental leave: Four weeks for dads, 16 weeks for moms.
    Previously: Two weeks for dads, 16 weeks for moms.

    New mothers have to take the first 12 weeks consecutively, and the last four are flexible.
  • Credit Suisse
    <strong>Paid maternity leave:</strong> 20 weeks.<br><strong>Previously:</strong> 12 paid weeks, eight unpaid.<br><br>Credit S
    Paid maternity leave: 20 weeks.
    Previously: 12 paid weeks, eight unpaid.

    Credit Suisse will also pay for new parents to bring a nanny with them if they travel for business during their child's first year.
  • KKR
    <strong>Paid parental leave:</strong> 16 weeks for primary caregivers.<br><strong>Previously:</strong> 12 weeks.<br><br>In ad
    Paid parental leave: 16 weeks for primary caregivers.
    Previously: 12 weeks.

    In addition to extending its leave policy, private equity firm KKR & Co. will pay for a nanny to join employees and their child on business trips.
  • The Nation
    <strong>Paid parental leave:</strong> Four months.<br><strong>Previously:</strong> Two months.<br><br>These benefits are gain
    The Nation
    Paid parental leave: Four months.
    Previously: Two months.

    These benefits are gaining traction in the tech world, but are nearly unheard of in the media industry.